Post it T-Shirt

T-shirt and Post Card all in one. (That´s a first!)

Now it’s possible to send a compressed T-shirt by post!

This consists of a compressed T-shirt in the shape of a rectangle measuring 10 x 15 cms, that is, the same size as a Post Card. The thickness of the compressed T-shirt varies from 12 to 24 mm allowing for it to fit into any Post Booth! So the compressed T-shirt doubles up as a T-shirt and Post Card in one.

Post it T-Shirt

The package consists of 2 full colour printed cartons. The front carton is generally a Post Card and the reverse carton is reserved to fill in an address and write a message.

The carton inserts can be printed on both sides in full colour (4 + 4) so even more information can be included.

Alternatively, we can flow pack the compressed T-shirt so the package looks anonymous when sending by post. There is also a possibility to substitute one of the carton inserts for a mini catalogue or flyer. To receive more information send us an e.mail to

Did you know?

The Royal Mail and all other post offices in Europe accepts this type of package to be sent directly in the post without any additional packaging requirement. That is, as is.

However, a paper adhesive must be placed on the outer package so it can be stamped by the Post Office.

The Post It T-shirt weighs less than 220 grams so it´s economical to send by Post.