Your questions answered


Here below is a list of the most common questions.

If there is a particular question that you have that you can´t find in this section please let us know. We will answer it within 2 hours.


WHAT T-SHIRT BRAND DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR COMPRESSING? STEDMAN, HANES and SOLS are without any doubt the best brands to compress. This is based on overall quality and value for money. The Stedman brand is proving to be the most popular. For more information on Hanes / Stedman you can go to the section “Clothing, Hanes / Stedman”.

If we had to make a choice based on value for money this would be ours in order of importance:

Stedman Classic, Stedman Comfort, Gildan Soft Style Ring spun and Sols Regent. There are of course other brands available such as Fruit of the Loom, Roly, Kariban, Nath, B&C, etc. We have access to all brands currently available in the market.

HOW MANY SHAPES DO YOU HAVE? Over 140 shapes. However, many are confidential in nature as clients have paid for these shapes. Hence we cannot offer them to third parties. Many of our shapes will work as multiple items. Here are some examples: Mini T-shirt, oval, round, rectangles, star, squares, bottles, heart, soccer ball, rugby ball, power drill, mobile, electronic devices, book, DVD cover, etc…

Please view some of our more popular shapes in the section “Shapes Gallery”.


WHAT ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS TO OPEN A COMPRESSED T-SHIRT OR TOWEL? It’s simple and straight forward. Break open the package, remove the 2 insert cards and place the package into water for a short while until the T-shirt or towel expands to its normal size. Alternatively you can place the package directly into the washing machine. (Without plastic and cartons, that is, only the garment)

DO YOU SCREEN-PRINT THE SHIRT? Yes, we mostly print the t-shirts in conventional screen printing from 1 to 12 spot colours or in four colour process print. For white and light colour garments we use water based inks and for darker garments plastisol inks. You can decide on embroidery if you like.

I WOULD LIKE SAMPLES. ARE THESE FREE? Yes, we can arrange for samples to be sent. Samples are free of charge. We normally send out one unit and sample insert cards.  Fill out the form on this web page or send full details to or

CAN YOU PRINT ON THE FRONT AND BACK?  Yes. We can print in as many positions as you wish, for example, the front, reverse and sleeves.

WHAT IS YOUR MAXIMUM SCREEN PRINTED SIZE FOR A T-SHIRT? 42 x 55 cms. So with this maximum size print the printed T-Shirt image will appear as it has been “all over printed”.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY? From 250 units. In the event that you require less we would agree to process the order but take note the price will escalate.

WHAT KIND OF T-SHIRTS OR GARMENTS CAN BE COMPRESSED? We are able to compress any 100% cotton product (no problems for elastan / Lycra / cotton compositions) just as long as it doesn’t have buttons or zips. We can compress most types of textiles such as t-shirts, towels, washcloths, socks, pareos, bandanas, aprons and underwear.

CAN YOU COMPRESS A LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT? Yes. In fact any type of T-shirt be it short / long sleeve and of any brand type.

WHAT WEIGHTS AND SIZES OF T-SHIRTS OR TOWELS CAN BE COMPRESSED? For the T-shirts we can compress any weight, from 130 through to the heaviest weight of 260 gr/m2. Sizes start from children through to adult sizes to include S,M,L,XL and XXL to the largest 6XL size. For the towels we compress from 340 gr/m2 through to the best quality terry cotton towel of 600 gr/m2. The standard weight for promotions is around 400 – 450 gr/m2. Sizes of towels available to compress are 30 x 30, 30 x 50, 50 x 50, 30 x 80, 50 x 100 and 70 x 140  cms. We can manufacture towels to almost any size.

DO THE WRINKLES DISAPPEAR? Almost all wrinkles will come out in the first wash. After the second wash all wrinkles will disappear.

CAN I HAVE PRE PRODUCTION SAMPLES MADE PRIOR TO FULL PRODUCTION? Yes, we can supply pre production samples. This consists in the garment printed and compressed with your logo or image. This service takes between 4 to 7 working days.

This service is free for confirmed orders only. If a client requires a pre production sample prior to any order taking place we will charge 80 Euros. Upon order approval this amount will be deducted from the final invoice.

HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THE DIFFERENT SIZES OF T-SHIRTS? We print the reverse carton with the T-shirt size so it can be clearly identified. However, one can notice that the thickness / depth of the compressed T-Shirt vary size to size. For example, an XL compressed T-shirt will be thicker than an L sized compressed T-shirt by around 4 – 8 mm depending on the T-Shirt brand.

CAN I HAVE A BESPOKE SHAPE AND WHAT IS THE COST? Yes, we can make any shape at a cost of 850 Euros. This includes the shape and the dye cut for the cartons. This takes from 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture. This is what it costs us to make. From 10,000 units we may absorb this cost whereby the new shape is free of charge.

WHAT ARE INSERT CARDS? These are the 2 printed cartons bearing the customers logo / slogan and text descriptions that are placed on either side of the compressed T-shirt or towel. Once applied, the compressed package is shrink wrapped. The carton inserts can be discarded and its place we can use printed leaflets, stickers, coupons etc, with information about the client’s products or services.

CAN THE 2 INSERT CARDS HAVE A DIFFERENT DESIGN AS THE PRINTED T-SHIRT? Yes. You can have a different design, be it in 1 colour or full photographic quality in which the cost is the same. That’s why most clients choose full colour images for the carton inserts. Obviously full colour insert cards look a lot more appealing than spot colour printing.

HOW ARE THE EXPORT BOXES PACKAGED? They are strong, double reinforced boxes which contain approximately 150 units per box but this varies according to the product type and size. The goods are carefully packaged in columns to always ensure that the goods arrive in pristine condition. For an example of how we pack compressed T-shirts into boxes see the photos of ENEL ENERGY in the section “Case Studies and Benefits”

WHAT ARE THE LEAD TIMES? From confirmation of order, 8 days for commercial samples if required. Once confirmed then:

*1,000 units a 10 days

*3,000 units in 2 weeks

*5,000 units in 3 weeks

*10,000 – 20,000 units in 4 weeks

Please contact us if you require an express service.

HOW DO I SEND ARTWORK? Artwork and the proofing process.

For us, branding your logo on an item comes as second nature. We know what to do and how to do it, but we need you to fully understand the requirements for the printing process as well. These frequently asked questions should answer any questions that you may have.

What If I don’t Have Artwork?  If you don’t have art work one of our graphic artists can help you design or redraw a logo.

Will I see a layout before my product is branded?  Yes. Our commitment to service dictates that our customers have final approval of all artwork before anything is printed. A computer generated proof will be sent to you by email. This proof (and any subsequent revision) is free of charge.

This is what we call a “Virtual Proof”

What Type of Artwork Do I Need to Have? In order to print your logo clearly, your artwork must be a vector file that has been created in one of the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. We accept vector-based .eps, .ai, .pdf.

Why Does My Artwork Need to Be Vectored? When your artwork is vectored, it can be resized to fit within the confines of any imprint area without losing any of the quality of the original image.
Vectored artwork will allow us to resize your logo and keep it from distorting in any way. If it needs to be made bigger, it will not look pixilated. If it needs to be smaller, no aspects will be lost and it will still be just as legible.

How Do I Know If My Artwork Is Vectored? If your artwork file ends in: .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .bmp, .png, or .psd it is NOT vectored. If your artwork file ends in .eps, or .ai it most probably will be vectored. Here’s a simple way to check.

1. Open your artwork in the program Adobe Illustrator.

2. Using your mouse, draw a box around your artwork.

3. If a bunch of lines and dots appear, your artwork is vectored. If just a box appears, your artwork is NOT vectored.

Note: Opening your file in Adobe Illustrator and saving it as an .eps file or .ai file, does NOT necessarily mean that it is vectored.

My artwork is NOT Vectored. What can I do? Our graphic artists can re-create your artwork in vector-based format for a one-time charge of € 30. You will be provided with the vector file that you can keep for future reference.

How do I send my artwork?  You can email your artwork to us at (up to 20 Megs)

Alternatively you can upload the logo to Internet using for example “We Transfer” whereby we will download it. This is free.

It is taken as implicit in the acceptance of all printing, embroidery and any form of personalization that the customer is either the copyright holder or an authorized user licensed by the copyright holder.


Quality: We offer a consistent high quality for both garment and decoration

Guarantee: Prior to full production taking place we wash the garment to double check the print quality. We use only brands complying with all safety and quality certifications.

Prices: We are confident that our prices are very competitive.

Lead times: We produce in a record time from only 8 working days.

Free transport throughout Europe for quantities from 1,500 units.

Free artwork screens and no set up charges apply for orders over 1,000 units.

Confidentiality: all that we do is maintained in the strictest confidence and we follow a strict ethical code of conduct. (We have obtained permission from the copyright holders of the different brands published in this web page).