Case Studies and Benefits


COCA COLA (2004 to the present)

Coca Cola required a promotional product that had to be cost effective, compact and cheap to distribute. The compressed t-shirt was chosen due to its reduced size and added value. These compressed T-shirts were manufactured in our European factory.

They required bespoke shapes in the form of their bottles.

They were so delighted with the outcome of the promotion that soon after, they ordered branded T-shirts and towels in the shapes of BURN energy drink, Powerade, Coca Cola and Fanta.

Coca Cola continue today with compressed T-shirts for their promotions.


Benefits: Competitively priced, exclusive custom shapes, easy to distribute, adding value to the brand. Many shapes were used.


Rijk Zwaan, a Dutch producer and distributor of seeds were sourcing an original gift for their clients. They had just launched a new range of seeds and had to create awareness and a full product description. The product had to be informative, competitively priced and it had to be sent by post to their clients.


Welcome to “Post It” T-shirt!

This consisted in:

  • T-Shirt printed with their logo to 2 positions
  • T-Shirt compressed into the rectangle shape measuring 10 x 15 cms
  • A full colour booklet containing 4 pages (front and back)

On the reverse side there was an empty space reserved for applying the addresses of their clients and a stamp to cover the postage costs.

Benefits: An incredibly original product providing information about new products which can be sent by post!

Compressed T-Shirt

FEBE (2006 to the present)

FEBE was sourcing new ideas for their promotions and selected the compressed T-shirt as an excellent option.

The order consisted of men’s and woman’s T-shirts printed on the front and back and compressed into the round circular shape.

The outcome was so positive that since 2006 they have been repeating the order each year.

Benefits: Original. Ideal for repeat orders. Clients continue to like the product year to year.

Excellent service and overall quality. Comes highly recommended


Teresa Escalante Trade marketing


IBERDROLA / Scottish Power (2004 – 2013)

Scottish Power / Iberdrola, the electrical service provider required an original and ecological promotional product. Their choice: an organic T-shirt printed and compressed into a bespoke shape resembling their logo with 2 biodegradable insert cards shrink wrapped using PE film.  (Less contaminating than PVC – we always use PE film)

The result was a highly prized promotional product promoting awareness for a less contaminated environment.

Benefits: Original, exclusive and unique. Less contaminating for the environment than other standard promotional products.

White T-shirt printed in four colour process and compressed into a custom made shape


Bayer Pharma were 2 months away from launching their new product “Aspitopic Gel”.

They required a 30 x 80 cms hand towel printed in fibre reactive colours. Soon after that they opted for the towel to be compressed into an exact replica of their product.

The compressed towels were distributed into pharmacies throughout Europe as an incentive to buy their product.

The result was positive. Awareness was created and the compressed towel as a give away helped generate sales.

Note that the compressed shape was practically identical as the actual tube of gel!


Benefits: Almost exact replica of the actual product almost confuses the client into thinking its real. Clients ask: How can this package possibly be a Towel? A great attention grabber.

When clients talk about a product in a positive way this always results in a successful promotional campaign.

TRIDENT SPLASH (2005 – 2008 then again in 2013)

Cadbury, the company that owns the Trident gum brand was going to exhibit at a trade fair where they would be launching the new bubble gum “Splash”. They required a promotional product that was small as they had a limited amount of stand space available. The ideal choice was the compressed T-shirt. 4,000 compressed T-shirts were sent directly to the stand.  This consisted of only 15 boxes. Had they been plain T-shirts then it would have been difficult to store as this would have consisted in at least 30 boxes.

Each client that visited their stand received a free compressed T-shirt. Generally people that visit trade fairs are restricted as to the amount of catalogues and goods that they can carry resulting in the compressed T-shirt as the perfect option.

Promotional products are hugely popular at trade fairs and events. They help the event to have a sustainable impact in the memories of the attendees.


Benefits:  A space saver. That’s why a compressed T-shirt is an ideal give away at a trade fair or event thanks to its compact size.



The famous Spanish radio station “Los 40 Principales”  ran a successful campaign that increased web traffic by 20%. Compressed T-shirts incorporated a QR code that once scanned resulted in a direct link into their web page.

QR codes can take customers to real-time updates anywhere where there is a constant flow of information, for instance, train stations, bus stops, department store sales, live events, restaurant specials or airline booking.

Benefits: Increase traffic to a web page or blog using a QR code with links to web page and other social media.

Compressed T-Shirt


The company STYLUS based in Angola required a promotional product that was small to save on transport costs.

They always liked plain printed T-shirts but on this occasion space was a major issue as the goods had to be shipped from Europe to Angola via air freight. As a result of this the obvious choice was the compressed T-shirt.

They chose the Stedman Classic T-shirt printed in four colour process both sides.

(The Stedman Classic T-Shirt is rated as the Nº 1 choice by clients.)

Benefits: Save on transport costs especially when goods have to be sent by air freight.

Compressed T-Shirts for Stylus Angola


Enel Energy and Gas in Italy ran an online web promotion with compressed T-shirts for a period of 3 months. During this time, if any person contracted services on line they would be rewarded with a compressed T-shirt.

So successful was the campaign that they repeated the promotion again for another 3 months. During this period 50.000 compressed T-shirts were given away.


Benefits: Increase client base and turnover of sales.

To find out more about how compressed textiles can help you please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service.